To say that I've spent a small fortune on books is an understatement. I sadly have over 2,000 comics, over 300 graphic novels, hundreds of old magazines and books, including entirely too many artbooks. I only point this out to show I have a problem, I love books to the point of obsession.

One day, as I looked over some of my art anthologies, I noticed two surprising things; they were all made outside the United States and I really only liked about 25% of the artists. It was at that point I decided I would start to create my own.

First I decided to keep all production local. My cover stock is ordered from a family owned mill out in Michigan. As for my letterpressing and interior printing, both done in Syracuse.

Next, I realized I needed to use my as an artist to get other creatives. Through this, I was able to convince various amazing international artists to contribute.

My newest publication "Lovely Ladies" displays 20 International, Professional and Emerging Artists, all showcasing the female form.

Over the next year, I plan on creating more handmade artbooks, art dolls, artist interview and screenprints of international creatives.

Isaac Bidwell-Publisher
Le Style Moderne

If you'd like to submit artwork for an upcoming project, please contact me at lestylemoderne@gmail.com